Lorna Gagnon helps real estate agents amplify their business through proven coaching techniques, development of systems, technology integration, and sales expertise. Her success in New Hampshire led to the opening of a franchise brokerage. In 2008 she relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii where she served in a leadership role. Her leadership efforts resulted in over 2700 annual transactions and more than a billion dollars in sales volume. Recently returning back to New England to launch a startup, she coaches and shares her business knowledge, real estate skills to help her clients build predictable, thriving sales businesses.


"Lorna is a great real estate Coach! I learned so much from her. She is professional, knowledgeable, very kind and personable! I recommend her for anyone who need a real estate coach!" Becky Wang, Broker/Owner

"I am beyond blessed to have Lorna as my coach. She is great and makes me want to be better every day in business. Lorna add tremendous value to my business and I hope to keep growing with her help for many years to come. Thank Lorna for everything you do!!!" Vanessa Betancourt, Real Estate Broker

"I am extremely honored to have a Coach like Lorna Gagnon. She has been on point with guiding me and keeping me accountable to reach my goals both personally and professionally. She has the knowledge, experience and persistence I need to push me out of my comfort zone and see true results. If you are a Broker/Owner looking to grow your brokerage or an Agent that wants to take your business to a new level, definitely look for Lorna Gagnon as a Coach!" Jessica Rojas, Managing Broker/Franchise Owner

"Lorna has been my coach through Tom Ferry for 6 months now. Being internationally located in New Zealand I was concerned with the relevance, there has been absolutely no issues with this at all. Lorna has an amazing energy about her which always makes the coaching calls enjoyable and fun. As a coach she is holds me accountable in a way that is relevant to me and my style. Her knowledge is incredibly in depth across all levels of the Real Estate business (from starting to broker level) and is able to adjust the coaching to suit the person and the situation as it arises. During my time with Lorna she helped me grow my business 20% - at a time when the market activity had dropped 30%. I would recommend Lorna to anyone in the industry who is wanting to drive their business to success!" Jason Yianakis, Team Leader & Managing Broker

"I hired Lorna as a business coach for my real estate business and have found her to be very diligent, smart, and motivating. She helped us grow our team and increase profits to levels I did not think was possible. She held me accountable to my goals and always there to support my growth offering first class solutions to the problems and hurdles I was encountering. I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!" Casey Tray, Broker/Owner